Friday, February 22, 2008

Thing 4 - Flickr: my favourite beaches

my favourite beaches
Originally uploaded by omnia
Oooooo! This is way too cool! Another photo import I couldn't resist. It was uploaded by omnia on April 3, 2006 to Flickr.

I was actually dreaming of someplace warm and typed in beaches...then I found this cool photo and wanted to share it. I have to learn how to do a mosaic...hopefully this weekend I will be able to play around with my own photos in Flickr!


Anonymous said...

This was very interesting but I spent so much time looking at the linc that I didn't get anything else done...please refrain from putting such interesting and fun things on your blog from now on!!

Anonymous said...

Just can't get enough of that heard-a-word thing. I wonder if they have a Heard-a-Word Anonymous?? Hey, wait a minute...that has the name y'all been callin me, "Anonymous"! Guess that means it's OK for me to play and play and play..cause I'm already in therapy!!! Just keep them good things a comin!!
PS: Is this hear word you want me to type, just to send you a message, in French or somethin?? Cause I can't read French. Sure hope I'm not sayin nothin dirty!!