Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thing 5 - Flickr Mashups

I was really excited about the "Spell with Flickr" mashup. However, last night proved to be beyond frustrating! If I got the word into the blog message, it duplicated, and even though I had selected the "small" image, more than four letters were too big to be displayed properly and I couldn't figure out how to resize the image to fit better. I had success when I added the words at the bottom of my blog as a page element, but I really wanted to use them in a post. I haven't figured out a way to save the word image and then be able to size it and use it anywhere else other than a page element. I worked way too long on this last night and it was very frustrating. The other mashups are cool, but I'm not sure how I would use them, and again, after being predominately unsuccessful in the Spell mashup, I'm not too keen on trying any of the others. Bummer!

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