Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thing 7 - Communication Tools and Conclusion

  • Describe how your library uses email. Has it improved productivity?
  • We use e-mail to communicate with the teachers and staff in our building and district and for the business operation of our media center.

  • Share your thoughts on online reference using some of the other Web 2.0 communication tools.
  • I can see where IM and text messaging would speak to the needs of high school students. We would be meeting them at the technology level they are at. Unfortunately, our district either blocks or discourages this type of use during the school day.
  • Are you an active user of text messaging, IM, or other communication tools?
  • I text message family and friends, but have not done so in my daily work routine. I look forward to IMing more, since I have set up several accounts during Thing 7.

  • Which OPAL or MINITEX Web conference (Webinar) did you attend? How was it? What do you think o this communication tool?
  • I haven't attended one yet (hasn't worked with my schedule), but plan to do so during Spring Break. I will blog about the experience after I complete it.

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