Monday, March 31, 2008

Thing 8 - SlideShare

As reported in a previous post, SlideShare was very easy to use. I mentioned the file size problem in my previous post and discovered another drawback after I posted my "favorite author" slideshow. After posting the slideshow in my blog, I found a mistake in my slideshow and I was not able to go back and edit it after I published it in my post. This is a serious drawback to this application.

Also, several times when I went to visit this site, it has been down for maintenance. Perhaps they are upgrading to fix some of their flaws, but if I recommend this site to a student or teacher and the site is down when they need to be presenting, that would not be good.

I was excited enough about this and other web-based sharing sites (databases, slideshows, presentations) that I told my nephew (recent college grad) about it. He stated "isn't that what thumb drives are for?" I can see his point, but also do see these types of sites (Slideshare, Lazybase, Zoho, Thumbstacks) as useful, but would have to judge each site individually by ease of use, editing capability, file size limitations, etc.

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