Thursday, April 10, 2008

Copper River

Since I finished "23 Things", I have a little more time to read. I just finished "Copper River" by William Kent Krueger. A couple of things caught my attention about this book. First, Mr. Krueger is one of my favorite Minnesota authors. I have attended several Minnesota Crime Wave events at public libraries and enjoyed them immensely. Mystery/suspense fiction is one of my favorite genres. Also, we visit the UP of Michigan several times every year. It's one of our favorite places. This book is set there, so it was fun to read about places that I had actually been. This was a good book, and I wasn't expecting the ending, so that makes it fun! I would recommend this book. It's a quick read and enjoyable.

P.S. I'm using some of my new-found "23 Things" skills. The book image was created with a 3-D Box generator. It's still fun to explore and create!

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