Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thing 13 - Customize HomePage

First of all, in the instructions for this "Thing", the first paragraph says a blurb about the Internet being populated by "people" and something about having "time on our hands". The "people" link has some very fun pictures to browse, and the "time on our hands" link has some cool oragami. Needless to say, I can get sidetracked very easily...which I think was what these links were trying to prove.

Thanks to Thing 3-RSS, I already have iGoogle as my homepage (and RSS aggregator) at both home and work/school. Thing 13 instructed me to personalize my homepage. I had no idea how many gadgets there were to choose from. Some of the gadgets I selected are a coutdown to the 23 Things deadline, a to-do list, fitness tip of the day, things to ponder, National Geographic photo of the day and interesting photos of the day. I also changed by header theme. It is now a beach scene. Next I deleted some of the gadgets I haven't used, to make room for my new stuff. After rearranging the whole page, I am very happy with the results. All of this adding, deleting and rearranging was very easy and fun!

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