Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thing 17 - NetLibrary and Conclusion

Picture of "ELM" tree!

First of all, I applaud the State of Minnesota (legislators and taxpayers) for providing the ELM on-line databases to the state's libraries. We promote these databases and teach our students how to use them. It is, however, a constant battle between the kids using the familiar and easy "google" search versus having to think of appropriate search words to effectively use these databases. I usually have students start out with EBSCO's Academic Search Premier and then go from there. We have several teachers who ban the use of Google and instruct their students to only use these databases for projects in their class, since it is pretty much guaranteed that they will get authentic, valid information when using the databases over Google. These databases are quick and easy to access through the library's web-site at school, and we have a "cheat sheet" of user names and passwords for access to them at home.

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