Monday, April 7, 2008

Thing 20 - MySpace and Conclusion

How are libraries using MySpace?
Libraries are using MySpace and Facebook to connect with their younger patrons, and to try and entice more young people to utilize the library.

Did you find anything on a library's MySpace page that would be useful for your library?

Hennepin County Library's MySpace page offers several ways of contacting a librarian, several blogs, a way to add a Hennepin County Library catalog search to individual MySpace pages, links to other groups that young readers would find interesting, pictures and a "friend" wall. All of these are great features. Since both MySpace and Facebook are blocked at ERHS, we will not be creating a presence on either site.

If you created your own MySpace page, how do you plan to use it?
I do not plan on creating a MySpace or Facebook personal page. I don't want another "tool" that I have to keep checking and/or updating. If I did, at some point, I would choose Facebook, only because that is the network my daughter is on and it would be one more way to keep in touch with her. Hopefully, she would want to be my friend!

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LeAnn said...

I just tried finding you in Facebook to make you my friend, so I'm bummed you're not in there. But, totally understandable, you have to pick and choose what you use, and there's no way you could use all of these tools.

We'll just have to keep in touch in other this blog! :)

LeAnn Suchy