Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thing 23 - I DID IT!

Some of my favorite things:
  • Creating my blog and avatar
  • Flickr and affiliated fun stuff
  • Online image generators
  • Animoto and video generators
  • Puzzle Pirates (another cool avatar!)
  • And finally, just expanding my knowledge about what is out there and available for use.
This has been the BEST learning opportunity I have participated in! I have already used some of the tools I have learned both professionally and personally and look forward to improving my newly discovered skills. My family and friends ask me frequently what I am learning and I share it with them. Some have even bookmarked my blog. They can tell how enthusiastic I am about this program. I would definitely participate in future programs like this. I added my blog web-link to my e-mail signature...it looks pretty cool there!

I want to say "thanks" to both CMLE and my boss (Runaway Train) for allowing me to participate in 23 Things on a Stick. I really appreciate the opportunity. You all are awesome!

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PatriciaP said...

I am glad you enjoyed the program, and it is great to see you applying what you have learned already! We plan on doing new content in the fall or winter, so stay tuned. In the meantime, feel free to read any and all blogs (even outside of CMLE). Congrats on finishing the big 23!