Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thing 9 - File Sharing and Conclusion

This, by far, has been the most frustrating "Thing" for me. GoogleDocs refreshes the screen so fast you can only get about three words typed and then save before you loose everything.

As for ZohoWriter, when I click on the link to get to the "23 Things Practice Document" in my e-mail, the document shows up but you can't edit it until you log in. When I log in (from the document screen) the 23 Things document goes away and I get a "Welcome" document and no longer can find, search, retrieve, upload or anything to get the "23 Things" practice document back to edit. Very frustrating!!! With that being said, here are my final thoughts:

Which of these tools is easier for you to use?
I didn't find either GoogleDocs or ZohoWriter to be user-friendly. Had I been able to get to the practice document in ZohoWriter, it appeared that this tool had a better layout and easier to understand directions.

How do the features of each compare? Does one have features that would make you choose it over the other?
ZohoWriter seemed to be more user-friendly and have more options. I wouldn't, at this point, choose to use either.

What would the Founding Fathers think?
I think the Founding Fathers would get a kick out of some of the revisions, but perhaps be saddened by others.


arvind said...

Hi, I'm Arvind from Zoho. Profuse apologies on the issue you are facing. The "23 Things Practice Document" has been shared to you. Once you login, click on the "Shared With Me" tab in the left panel. The document should be listed there & clicking on it should open it in the editor window to the right.

Sorry once again. We will try to better the process of opening/finding documents.


Books Rock! said...

Wow, thanks so much to Arvind at Zoho for leaving me a comment! I'm shocked, really!

However, the instructions he left me in the comment were exactly what I had been doing and it wasn't working. I tried again, thinking that maybe something had been fixed, and it still isn't working. I click on "Shared With Me" , both individual and group and still no documents show up. Still a bummer!