Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thing 9 - ZoHo Writer

Wow, I am truly shocked!

I checked my blog this morning to see if I had any comments, especially on Thing 9 since I had trouble with that one, and to my surprise, someone from Zoho had posted a comment with instructions for me. Unfortunately, the instructions were exactly what I had been doing and it wasn't working, but I tried again, thinking something may have been fixed, but it still isn't working for me. Bummer!

However, the scoreboard now reads...

GoogleDocs 0
ZohoWriter 9 (for the awesome customer service!)


arvind said...


Glad that you took note of our comment! And sorry that the tip given didn't get you the document.

Ok, the next thing to check is to see whether you used the same email address that you received your shared email at while signing up at Zoho. Login to your Zoho account, click on the 'My Account' link at the top right which open the Zoho Accounts tab. Click on 'My Email IDs' at the left. Check for typo errors or whether you had given some other email address. Edit it if need be.

If the email addresses matches, then the document should definitely be there under the 'Shared to me' tab. Only way it may not be there is if the person who shared it has now cancelled th sharing.

Do get back after checking the above details. We'll continue to do our best in getting you that shared document of yours :-)


Books Rock! said...

Arvind, The problem must be at our end. I checked the e-mail address at both locations, added another to Zoho, just to be sure, and I still can't access the document. Thanks so much for trying to help!

arvind said...

Hmm. If you can send us an email to from your email address referring to this blog post, I can ask our team here to check what might be wrong with your Zoho account.


ps : Adding a new email address will make it only as a secondary one. You should edit the primary email address (if it is mistyped or it is something other then the one to which you got mail) & change it.