Wednesday, April 23, 2008

YouTube Channels

At the MEMO East Central Region Spring Meeting last night, the guest speaker was LeAnn Suchy, a librarian from St. Ben's/St. John's (and also my 23 Things coach!). She told us about YouTube Channels. National Geographic, the Discovery Channel, and the Associated Press all have videos on YouTube Channels. When I checked today, National Geographic had 496 videos on YouTube. Here is one I found on the YouTube Nat Geo channel entitled "What is a Dino Mummy?" Enjoy!


LeAnn said...

Awesome! See, there are a lot of great channels out there, so YouTube can be useful!

It's so glad to hear someone using a tip I gave them...yay! :)

Congrats on finishing 23 Things, too!

LeAnn Suchy

LeAnn said...

And, I should tell you, do you know how to embed a YouTube video right on your blog? If you go back to that YouTube video you link to, look on the right underneath the ad and underneath the yellow "Subscribe" button. You'll see a thing that reads "Embed" and then you'll see some HTML gobbly gook that starts with "object width..."

If you copy and paste that goobly gook into a blog post, the video will be embedded right onto your blog. Try it, I bet you can do it!

LeAnn Suchy

Books Rock! said...

Thanks for the embed tip. I was wondering if I could do that. I'll try to embed it right into my blog.

LeAnn said...

Awesome! I knew you could do it!

You can embed things like that on any webpage, so if you find something really interesting for your students, you could even post it on a library website or a class website...think about it.