Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our 1st Letterboxing Adventure

My boss discovered today and I was anxious to try this out! First I uploaded several pictures. Then I added comments to each photo. I chose to add voice comments using a microphone connected to my computer, but you can also type comments in or use a WebCam. The program also has a draw feature, so you can highlight a part of the picture while you are commenting about it. Since this was my first attempt, I didn't try this. After you have added your comments, you select how to save your presentation, either public or private and also have the option to embed it into your blog or web-site. I designated this presentation as public and open for comments. You, the viewer, can leave me a comment on any of the slides. If you are brave enough, try it out! Click on the "go" arrow to play my presentation. It will go automatically, but some slide transitions are a little slow. You can also click on the arrow in the lower right-hand corner to advance to the next slide. I hope you enjoy our letterboxing adventure!

Also, if you want to explore this site further, a teacher in Missouri has created a presentation about the 50 states. Go to, click on the "Browse" tab and then search for "State Exchange". I added a text comment on the Minnesota slide. I encourage you to add your own comment for your state. This is a good example how school's could use this application.

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