Friday, October 10, 2008

Password Help - Passpack

If you are like me, you have numerous user names and passwords to try to remember. At some sites, my passwords are too short, at others they require letters and numbers. I try to stay fairly consistent, but it is becoming harder and harder to remember my user name, password and the e-mail I have associated with numerous internet sites. I am trying out Passpack. This site allows you to store 100 user names and passwords for free and it is secure. So far it has been easy to use and helpful. Passpack is an online password manager for people who travel or change computers often (or for people over the age of me!). Unlike other password managers, Passpack is available 24/7 via internet, and there is nothing to download or install. Even though the site is secure, I have NOT stored any financial information (bank, credit card, debit card, etc.) You will have to remember your user name and unlock code to access Passpack. Hopefully this will eliminate my hand-written Post-Its stored in various locations!

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