Monday, January 19, 2009

Awesome Christmas Gift

Leading up to Christmas, I decided to use the direct, not-so-subtle hint, approach for giving gift suggestions to my husband.
After seeing an infomercial for a Cricut machine on tv, I decided that I really wanted one of them. I proceeded to pull up the Cricut website, found the machine I couldn't live without, lead my husband, Steve, into the computer room, sat him down on the chair, and said "all you need to do for Christmas is press the "Buy It Now" button. When I discovered a wrapped, Cricut shaped box under the tree a few weeks later, I was thrilled! Christmas Day came and the gifts were being handed out. I was excited, thinking my not-so-subtle hint plan had worked. It came to my turn to unwrap a gift. I bent down and picked up the box. To my surprise, it was really light-weight. Bummer, I thought, a Cricut machine would weight more than this. I tentatively unwrapped the gift and to my astonishment, it is one of the best gifts I have ever received!

Steve and I like to go on the Fargo/Moorhead Art Crawl each Fall. Our daughter, Signe, attends Concordia College in Moorhead and the studio tours are a great excuse to go up for a weekend visit. This year, a new artist was added to the tour. Val Halvorson of Quilt Art in Fargo. When I went in to her shop, I was so impressed with the quilts she creates. My mom was a quilter and one of Val's wall hangings was of a portrait that reminded me of my mom, who has passed away. After I left, Steve and Signe hired Val to make a quilted wall hanging of my mom and sent her a photograph to work off of. Here is the photo and the finished quilted wall hanging.

2008 Christmas

The quilt also has my dog, Cinnamon, who has also passed away. This is the first time the quilter has done a dog. Signe picked out the fabric and it includes things that remind her of Granny. The artist also included an actual necklace of my mom's around her neck. I think this is pretty amazing!

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