Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Twitter - Thing 31

I had fun playing around with the tasks in this Thing. This image is from the Twitter and Facebook status generator.

I have customized my Twitter page with one of my Flickr photos, listed my blog's url, added a profile picture and written an "about me" blurb in less than 160 characters. Hopefully, this gives people a little sense of who I am.

I basically use Twitter to follow people who tweet about things that interest me. I find out about new web-sites, geocaching hints, shopping deals and much more. I don't do alot of tweeting myself, but will do an @reply, if I have anything of value to share. In doing this "thing," I added my name to the Tweeter Directory. I follow my Twitter "friends" via the BeTwittered gadget on my iGoogle homepage.

I would say that I am a beginner Twitterer and I'm not sure if I will ever use Twitter enough to get more active. Time will tell. I do like the information that I have received by using Twitter. I use to find people to follow and also the #tag for specific topic tags.

My family and friends ask me what Twitter is, whenever the subject comes up. Twitter is a little hard to define. I enjoyed the list of how others define Twitter. If I had to choose, I would describe Twitter as a community, resource, library and coffee shop.

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Linda said...

It is hard to describe to someone, isn't it. I believe you have caught on to all that it can be in your description. It is all of those things, and more!