Monday, March 16, 2009

Twitter - Thing 27

1. Blog about the experience and be sure to post your Twitter username there so others can see it and follow you.
I have been using Twitter for a couple of months. I basically use it like an RSS feed of my favorite bloggers. I follow people who "tweet" about things that interest me, i.e: Web 2.0, books, geocaching, shopping, etc. I did learn how to post tweets from my cell phone and the use of the # mark to follow topics. It was also fun to get notification that the President and First Lady are now following me on Twitter! My Twitter name is: SZSRocks.

2. Did you like micro-blogging? Do you love it, hate it or are you ambivalent? Explain.
I guess I am somewhat ambivalent about micro-blogging. I have received good information from Twitter, but I don't think I will ever be a power-Twitterer. If more of my friends/family used Twitter, I might use it more.

3. How else could libraries use Twitter? How could you use Twitter?

As for our Media Center using Twitter, it might be useful to do quick announcements of book recommendations with a link to that item in our library catalog. Also, it could be a useful tool for communication between staff and students.

There was a plethora of information in this Thing! It took quite awhile to go through. I'm not sure if this quick post does it justice, but I must move on!

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Chris said...

It's so interesting how Twitter has grown. I read of one school that uses it to communicate to students and parents.