Friday, June 12, 2009

Polyvore Galore!

Last night I was fortunate to meet some really cool women. We were involved in a focus group for ARC's Value Village and how they can best utilize social media. One of the women I met is the author of a great blog, Already Pretty.

This morning I checked out her blog and fell in love! Recently, she posted about Polyvore. This site allows you to create outfits and/or gain inspiration from others' creations. Of course, there are links to most of the fashions so you can purchase the outfits that you create. This weekend I will be traveling to Wisconsin to attend a bridal shower and have been stressing about what to wear. This site was fun to explore. Here is my first creation. Now I need to explore my closet...the quest for bridal shower attire continues.

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Barbara W. Gray said...

I don't really mean to post on your blog, but could only find this way to reach you from AtlasQuest site! We also looked for the Twin Lakes Letterbox, but not only didn't find it, found NO stumps at all! Was this your experience, or are we crazy?