Sunday, April 10, 2011

Swenson Heritage Farm

Chevy Valve Cover

The Sandhill Photography Club went on our monthly photo field trip today (April 10th) to the Swenson Heritage Farm in Otsego, Minnesota.  The skies were overcast and the buildings were dark.  In other words, two challenging situations for photography.

Before Steve and I left for the outing, I did some quick research on the Swenson farm.  The farm has three barns, built in 1944, and one very large chicken coop.  The barns have been designated "heritage sites."  An early owner farmed the land with twenty-six horses and no tractors. The Swenson's purchased the farm in 1968 from two former owners of the Minnesota Vikings.  John Swenson, the son of the property owners (both deceased), was very gracious in allowing us to photograph the entire property, inside and out.  If anyone is interested, the property, which includes 10 acres of land, is for sale for $314,000.  We all agreed that the hayloft in one of the barns would make an awesome studio.

Here are my best shots, in no particular order:

One Photo Three Ways
In the collage above, the first photo is the original.  In the middle shot, the original photo was cropped and changed to black and white.  The last photo is the black and white image with the barn tinted red.  I love playing around with Picnik!

Old Bottle in Barn

Boxelder Bug
Andrea's son was excited to show me the boxelder bugs and ants that he found.  According to him, "Icky bugs!"  followed by ~stomp and squish~  I think he and I will be great friends.

Model A Wheel
Root Cellar Door
The Root Cellar Door photo would probably have been my favorite for the day if the door wasn't a little blurry.  It was pretty dark in the root cellar.

Steve in the Root Cellar

Chalkboard in Entry of Home
 I wonder who wrote on the chalkboard with permanent marker.

Shed Door Windows
Door Latch

More Door Latches - Another of my favorites.
Fireplace Plaque

Fireplace Mantel - Original House Beam

Steve and Some Ghosts
 I was afraid I would get some ghostly images!

The Whole Gang

Door Knob and Key

Heart Door Knob
Left-Over Leaf

Box of Stuff

Book in the Barn!
Barn Swallow Nest
Porch Post

Chicken Coop

I got a little carried away with window pictures.  I just like them.

As any good American Picker would do, Steve came home with a blueprint cabinet and Jay scored a Pink Lightning banana seat bike and a couple of bar chairs.  Spending Sunday afternoon with Steve and other good friends...what can I is good!


Lynn Fisher said...

I LOVE the Photos Zoma...what a fun outing!

Zoma said...

Thanks, Lynn. Would you be interested in joining us next month? I'm not sure where we will be going, but it would be fun to have you along.

Linda Thiltgen said...

Beautiful images Zoma!!

Tiffany said...

I really love your first photos, the triptic. Reminds me of the Wyeth painting "Christina's World".

Zoma said...

Thanks for the kind words, Tiffany, and thanks for stopping by my blog!