Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend will find us in Montana...(queue: "Meet Me in Montana" duet by Marie Osmond and Dan Seals)

The sleepy town of Glendive will be invaded by Minnesotans in search of dinosaur bones, agates, ammonites and petrified wood.

SlideMyPic is a free HTML5 slideshow generator that I came across this morning and wanted to try. To create the SlideMyPic slideshow, I imported pictures from our 2007 Memorial Day trip to Glendive from our Flickr photostream. Here is a glimpse of why we love Glendive.


irishk said...

Wow ~ that is pretty amazing! Even Quincy got to dig for dinosaur bones:-) This has always intrigued me since I first heard you did this years ago. Do any bones mysteriously find their way into your pockets and home to MN? Just askin' in my kleptomaniac way:-) Great slide show! K

Zoma said...

Yes, we have quite a few dino bones...ribs, femur, vertebrate, nose horn, coprolite (poop), etc. The ranch where we collect is a private ranch, so we can keep anything we find unless it is of scientific importance. We are law abiding citizens, unlike others, who shall remain nameless! :-) The 8 articulated vertebrate with 4 rib bones that Steve found, pictured in the slide show, we could not keep because it was a major find. It is now in a museum. Steve is hoping to find the scull for that dino. :-)