Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Warm Day Walk

After a weekend devoted entirely to the Rock Rustler's News, the alarm went off way too early Monday morning.  Before I got to work, I had spilled my coffee, not once, but twice...first on a brand new book and second on the dash of the mini-van.  Tired and crabby, I got to work and felt like I needed a "do-over."  The day didn't get much better.

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a wonderfully warm March day, reaching a high of 60*F.  After school, I stopped at the grocery store on my way home.  While waiting in line to check out, my friend Jean saw me stopped to chat.  She is involved with a mom's group who prays for students and staff in our local schools.  It turns out that I had been selected as someone to pray for this week.  I told her that after Monday, I could use all the prayer I could get.  Anyway, I think it is awesome that I am being prayed for this week.  I really appreciate it!

Since it was so nice out, I raced home so that Quincy and I could go for the walk I promised him earlier in the day.  As Quincy and I enjoyed the beautiful day, I had time to think and take some pictures.  Here are some random thoughts and shots from our excursion.

Could these be robins?
Not far from our house, some birds caught my attention.  Each year, I am thrilled to see the first robins return to Minnesota in the Spring.  Steve and Signe always beat me at seeing a robin first every year, so I was hoping these were robins.  They were too far away to be sure, but I'm telling Steve and Signe that they were.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Snow, Leaf and Red
Near the sledding hill at Orange Park, we found a leaf resting on red.  I have no idea what the red paint was for, but I liked finding something unexpected on the sidewalk.  The snow kind of reminds me of a car.  (use your imagination)

Hurry up, Mom
It's fun to play around with Instagram.  The tilt-shift option was used for this picture of Quincy.  I like that you can see his shadow on the wet sidewalk.

Ice Melting on Pond
I tried to capture the glow of the sunset over the trees, but it was a little too early.  I like the reflection of the grass in the water of the pond.

Quincy was Here
I love everything about Quincy...right down to his paw prints.  He brings me such joy everyday.  Except when he pees on the snowman I made last week.

Lord "Tennis"on
The upper Midwest has been dubbed "fly-over" land.  I couldn't help but notice several criss-crossing contrails in the sky, even a lacy one.

Lacy Contrail
Since the weather was so unseasonably warm, many people were out enjoying the weather.  Quincy got to greet several other dogs, but by far his favorite was his cousin, Buddy.

Quincy's buddy, Buddy
Detroit Lakes hosts the "We Fest" every summer.  Quincy and Buddy have their own version...  I think deeply while walking...

"Wee" Fest
Thneedville is the city in Dr. Seuss' book, The Lorax.  This city is made of plastic and has no trees.  Even though Steve works in the plastics industry, I am glad we have trees (and I'm pretty sure he is, too).  We are looking forward to seeing the upcoming Lorax movie.  I was surprised to see Elk River has Lorax trees!


"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better.  It's not."
~Dr. Seuss from The Lorax

It's nice to have a few greeters to welcome us home from our walk.


I was tired when we got home, Quincy was not.

C'mon, Mom.  Let's play ball!
I love this dog!


stillwatergirl said...

I love hearing your musings, and your photos are a wonderful visual--I feel as though I was on that walk with you and Quincy! Thanks for sharing, Zoma. Great writing.

Lynn Fisher said...

I always love your photos Zoma...and it seems you had a Monday like I had. (so I took today off, just to be safe)