Wednesday, February 12, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing 9 - Taking & Editing Photos

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies, so I was excited to explore some different photo apps in Thing 9.  I tried to use the same base image for all apps.

Original Photo of Coborn's Shopping Bag - Photo Credit: Zoma Olson (me)

LINE Camera
To test out this app, I selected my original photo.  Then, I added the Charcoal filter, which made the image more black and white.  Text was easy to insert and I was able to change the color and add a shadow effect to the text.  I found it impossible to edit the text once I had applied it.  I started out with a longer quote and the app split up words randomly, the last letter moved to the next line, etc.  I ended up starting over and choosing a smaller saying.  I wish there was an option to center the text.  At first, I was not able to access the border or sticker options, but after I turned off my iPhone's wi-fi connection to school, it worked.  I am sure this has to do with our school's filter program.

LINE Camera blocked by School's Filter

Original Photo Edited with LINE Camera

Photo Editor by Aviary
Using the same original photo, I added the Metropolis effect, the Splatter frame and two pink heart stickers.  These were all from the basic free options.  More options are available for sale.  It did take quite a long time (~15 minutes) to load even the free option packets.  It is nice that printing to Walgreens is an option from this app.  Although there are lots of ways to share my edited image, it wasn't intuitive for me how to save to my phone's photostream.  Sadly, this app and website is blocked by our school's filter, so I was unable to use Aviary's Help to answer my questions.  I remember having this app in the past, but I think the sharing frustration is why I had deleted it.

Not able to use Aviary Help because of school filter

Original Photo Edited with Photo Editor by Aviary

Color Splurge
I have used the ColorSplash app before and Color Splurge is almost identical to it.  This type of app is very fun to play around with.  To add text, frames or stickers, the Color Splurge image would need to be saved and then uploaded into another app.

Original Photo Edited with Color Splurge

I am not a selfie kind of gal, so this was out of my comfort zone, but the app is easy and kind of fun to use!

Probably my one and only selfie!  Taken with CamMe

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