Friday, March 7, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing 16 - Audio

Hear ye, Hear ye!  Thing 16 is about all things audio.  I confess that this thing is outside my comfort zone.  I hate, I mean really hate, how my voice sounds when recorded.  Thus, I am going to make this short and, hopefully, sweet!

After downloading the Audioboo app, I signed in with my Twitter account and added a profile photo.  Recording a short audio clip (or "boo" as the site calls them) was very easy.  I was also able to add one of my photos to go along with the audio.  After publishing my "boo," it was easy to share on social media and the website gave me an embed code to add the recording to my blog.  Another nice feature is that you can sync the Audioboo mobile app with their website. Yeah!

P.S. Unbeknownst to me, the app automatically posted my "boo" to Facebook.  I may need to tweek my settings a bit, but friends have already "liked" it!

Photo I used for my "boo."

My Audioboo Homepage
Here's my Audioboo Boo:

The ipadio app is very similar to Audioboo.  It is very easy to use and includes sharing to social media, adding photos and also offers html codes for embedding into blogs and websites.  ipadio also syncs their mobile app with their website.  The website is where I got the embed code.  Here is my ipadio recording.


The SoundCloud app is more than just for audio recording.  After I set up my SoundCloud account, I was able to find friends to follow.  I also picked out music and other audio that appealed to me by genre.  I was pleasantly surprised that SoundCloud has audio books and I am now listening to "Missing You" by Harlan Coben!  Since I did a recording for both Audioboo and ipadio, I chose not to record myself using SoundCloud, but it's nice to know that option is available.

I can see using any one of these apps in the library for student book reviews, interviews with teachers and also for classroom projects.  I will be investigating further whether or not you can save the audio clips and import them into iMovie, which would make these apps even more useful.

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