Wednesday, April 2, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing 22 - Discovering Apps

I'm not really sure I need to know how to discover more apps!  That being said, I have wondered how to find apps.  Thing 22 was a great resource on how to search for and discover new apps.

My first couple of searches on Quixey resulted in limited search results.  I did find an app that I downloaded, Workout Trainer.  My daughter recently got engaged and thoughts of weight loss and getting in shape are dancing in my head.

Workout Trainer App
Then, I had an "ah-ha" moment.  I did a "wedding" search and up popped many, many apps.

Wedding Search Results on Quixey

Apps Gone Free
I can see where Apps Gone Free might become a daily necessity, much like checking email.  Out of today's offerings, I found two apps to download.  Both have to do with photography.

Beautiful Mosaic
This app pixelates your photos.  It's rather fun, but I'm not too sure I will use it all that much.  It might be fun to try this in the library by pixelating out someone who is reading a book and having a guessing game about who it is, or pixelating a book cover and have students guess what book it is.  It was fun to play around with this app.

After my initial try at Beautiful Mosaic, I figured out a few more things you can do with the app that will make it more useful.  You can select the area you want pixelated, add a frame, and more.

Beautiful Mosaic - Selected Pixelation
Grid Lens
I have alot of photo collage apps, but what sets this one apart is that you can select the area of the collage that you want to fill and then take a picture from your camera.  You can also choose photos from your camera roll.  I did a quick collage of ERHS Media Center images and like how this app works.  You can customize your collage with different layouts, change the border color and choose different effects.  I'm looking forward to experimenting with the app.

Grid Lens Collage
You can also find apps by searching the Internet.  Although I haven't specifically searched for apps, I do read "best of" lists whenever I see them.

Magazines are another great source for finding apps.  I check-in and process the magazines for the Media Center and we get three that are great sources for app suggestions and reviews:  MacLife, Macworld, and PCWorld.

Another great source for app reviews and suggestions are blogs and specific tech websites.  Mashable just published The 6 Best Instagram Overlay Apps.  I immediately downloaded them to try out.  Here are the apps from the article.

This app allows you to add creative text to your photos.  The app has really unique fonts to choose from.  Now I am thinking that pixelating a photo with Beautiful Mosaic (as described above), will allow you to add text without the photo background competing with the text. brain is now working "Over"time!
Beautiful Mosaic Photo with Over App Text
This app is really fun!  I chose my goldfish photo (as seen above) to try out the app since it adds circles, or bubbles. You can select the size of bubbles.

A Beautiful Mess (ABM)
This has quickly become one of my favorite photo apps.  The app offers a unique variety of collages along with various photo editing tools.  The photo posted above captioned, "She Said Yes!" was created using ABM.

This is another app that I have been using for a while.  It is just another way to add some creativity to your photos by adding different textures and shading. As you can see by the photo, I added some pink near the top of the photo.  This is a pretty subtle change.  You can really go wild with Mextures!

Photo Wonder
I was interested in this app because of the collage function, but after looking around the app, it can do other neat stuff, too.  To make a collage, you select up to 9 photos and it automatically imports them into a collage.  You can pick other collage formats and adjust the photos to fit the collage area they are in.  Sharing to social media is easy.  Another fun, but not so useful, feature is to create avatars and emoticons.  As you can see by my avatar...I got da moves!

Photo Wonder Collage
My Photo Wonder Avatar

This app has so many options!  The combinations of effects that you can do to your photo is almost unlimited.  Mystic is a terrific app!  Here's my favorite goldfish.  I added a border, text, and a couple of effects.  I love the way this turned out!


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