Friday, February 15, 2008

Thing 1 - Adding Fun Stuff and Slideshow Trouble

I have been having so much fun exploring the options and creating my blog page. I have added a visitor counter, a poll, a list of favorite web sites and a welcome text. All of this was successful. I was feeling really proud of myself...then I ventured into a slideshow import. I set up a PhotoBucket account and uploaded several pictures into it. I then created a slideshow in PhotoBucket and saved it. I then clicked the button to embed my newly created slideshow into my blog. Nothing appeared to happen, so I clicked the button again. Still nothing noticeable happened. Rather than clicking the button yet again, I went to view my blog. To my great dismay, PhotoBucket had placed two slideshows (since I clicked the embed button twice) in the post section on my blog page. I never got a choice to indicate where I wanted the slideshow to be placed. After much "Help" page searching on both the blogger web site and Photobucket (over an hour), and subscribing to the Blog Help Group and posting a question on how to delete the slideshow (it was no where to be found on the layout editing page) and getting no responses, I finally discovered where to delete posts. I am now going to try again, this time copying the slideshow HTML from PhotoBucket and pasting it into the layout. I'm crossing my fingers hoping that it will work this time! The moral of this story is something my mom used to quote, "Pride cometh before the fall." I guess I was getting a little too confident in my ability!

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