Monday, February 18, 2008

Thing 2 - Wikipedia

"With Library 2.0, library services are constantly updated and reevaluated to best serve library users. Library 2.0 also attempts to harness the library user in the design and implementation of library services by encouraging feedback and participation."

I feel we have always embraced this concept…it is not new, it's just the vehicle (web-based) that has changed.

"The active and empowered library user is a significant component of Library 2.0. With information and ideas flowing in both directions – from the library to the user and from the user to the library – library services have the ability to evolve and improve on a constant and rapid basis. The user is participant, co-creator, builder and consultant – whether the product is virtual or physical."

How can we get our users (students) to want to participate? We would welcome their participation, but they are so busy with class, homework, jobs, MySpace, friends, iPods, games, etc. that they don’t have the time (or the interest) in helping in this area. Just like some of us are finding it hard to squeeze “23 Things on a Stick” into our schedules, if a student doesn’t have the love of reading and/or libraries, they will find it hard to squeeze our library into their busy schedules. I'm hoping to get some answers/ideas through this process. I guess this is why Library 2.0 is so important. We need to reach our users where they are and thus, entice them to want to belong to our community.

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