Monday, February 18, 2008

Thing 3 - RSS Feeds

I have just finished setting up some RSS Feeds in Google Reader. I chose Google Reader because I had already set up a Google account. I have done all of this at home, so am curious if it will show up when I go to Google at school. I added other 23 Things blogs, book search/review, local libraries, recipes and a few others that interest me. I found linking to the RSS Feeds in Google Reader was really easy. If I was on a web-site and wanted to add it to my Google Reader, I wasn't as successful, but I'll keep trying as those sites come to my attention. Personally, I love to try new recipes and adding Cooking Light and Rachael Ray RSS Feeds will give me recipes to choose from. At school, we can show students how to add our library blog to their MySpace or Google pages for current information. Teachers could use this for on-line assignments. I'll have to think a bit more about how to best utilize RSS feeds. I have to get ready to Jazzercise so probably won't get any more done today. I hope everyone had a happy President's Day!

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