Monday, February 25, 2008

Thing 4 - Playing Around w/Flickr, Picknik & Photobucket

It's a two-hour late start today (due to fog) and unfortunately I didn't realize this so came to school at my regular time. However, with only a few students here, I am taking the opportunity to learn some more about photo imaging. The Picknik editing program seems really neat. The photo I'm adding to this post was "doodled" on in Picknik. I connected to Picknik through Flickr and then imported photos from my Photobucket account. I then saved the edited image back to my Photobucket account. I'm trying to set-up all of these accounts with the same user name and password for ease in use.

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Sarah said...

Hi there! Thanks for the advice about the Elk River Media Center website! Great to know that resource is out there. Also, I love your page! You have so many neat things on there! I like the recomended books from LibraryThing. And I checked out a few of your links, these also seems like interesting sites! I'll definitely check them out more when I have more time. I'm only on Thing 2. This all seems a little overwhelming at times!