Monday, March 31, 2008

Thing 10 - Wikis and Conclusion

What did I find interesting about the wiki concept?

The collaborative capabilities of wikis are astronomical. This is just another useful tool in our ever increasing, technology filled world. Wikis seem to be very easy to use. My only concern would be vandalism and the validity of information posted.

What types of applications within libraries and schools might work well with a wiki?

As stated in a previous post, some good ideas for wikis in a library setting are pathfinders, subject guides, book reviews, and recommendations for book purchasing, to name a few. Also, in a school setting, a media center could look at being the "hub" of information and host wikis for student groups, i.e.: anime club, speech team, writer's group, etc.

Many teachers/faculty "ban" Wikipedia as a source for student research. What do you think of the practice of limiting information by format?

Here at Elk River High School, we don't ban the use of Wikipedia, but caution our students about the content and also encourage the use of other sources along with Wikipedia. This helps the students to evaluate each source. To that extent, we try to steer our students toward all of our on-line databases for research because they are proven, reviewed and legitimate sources. I don't think we should limit information, but I also don't want to encourage "Google"-only research.

Which wiki did you edit?

I successfully edited the "23 Things on a Stick" wiki (refer to previous post).

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