Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thing 16 - Assignment Calculator & RPC

I browsed the Assignment Calculator and entered in some dates and a topic to see what would be furnished by this web-site. The results seemed very logical and were very easy to understand.

The Research Project Calculator (RPC) is also very user-friendly and the teacher resources seem appropriate and informative.

The ERHS Media Center has a page on our web-site entitled "Helpful Research Tips" and we already link to the RPC on that page. It wouldn't hurt to link to the Assignment Calculator, as well.

To help promote these sites, other than linking to them on our web-page, we could create a hand-out for teachers and students. Also, we could include these web-sites in our 9th grade orientation presentation. During teacher workshop week, we have in-service classes for teachers and these tools could be addressed during one of these sessions to make our teachers more familiar with them.

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