Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend Adventures

Friday was a "No School" day for me and so I decided to take a road-trip to Fargo, North Dakota to visit my daughter. Before leaving Elk River, I came across two more of my favorite signs of

First, a pickup truck pulling a boat rather than snowmobiles, and second, my first garage sale sign of the year! Didn't have time to stop...major bummer! :(

After arriving in Fargo, I picked up my daughter and her friend, and we drove to Grand Forks to hear presidential hopefuls Barak Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton speak at the North Dakota DFL convention. We waited in line close to 2 hours (outside, in the brisk Canadian breeze) and weren't sure if we were actually going to get in to hear the speakers or not. The stadium holds 21,000 people and they were coming close to being filled to capacity. Here we are waiting in line.

We did get in and got to hear both Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton's speeches. Both got rousing applause and cheers for proposing to abolish "No Child Left Behind", making college more affordable, making health insurance more affordable and available to all, raising teacher's salaries and withdrawing from Iraq. I know they were "preaching to the choir" at this event, but it was fun to see the enthusiasm. Here are a couple of pictures from the event.

The first picture is of Senator Obama on the Jumbotron during his speech and the second is Senator Clinton giving her speech (she is in the middle wearing a red jacket).

By the way, I had to look at an atlas to see how close we were to Canada. It was indeed colder in Grand Forks, but also the hotel attached to the Alerus Center was the Canada Inn. Does anyone else find this a little strange? They had both the US and Canadian flags flying (at the same height). According to the map, Grand Forks is about half way between Fargo and Canada.

I left the great Northland on Saturday, after having a great time with my daughter. On the way home, a wild turkey flew in front of my van on Interstate 94. It's always a thrill to see one of these huge birds, but a little scary when you come close to colliding with one!

Well, it's Sunday now and I need to keep working on "23 Things". This post was the first time I selected "None" for my layout options. I wanted to play around with the placement of the imported photos. I think it worked okay.

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