Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun with Picnik!

Nature Poster
Originally uploaded by SZSRocks

I (almost) forgot how fun it is to play around with Picnik. This week we had some students who needed to add words on top of a picture. You can easily do this in Picnik. I know there are other ways to add wording to pictures, but Picnik is easy and fun to use.

I am a member of the Picniker's group in Flickr. If you go to this group on Flickr, you will be amazed at how you can edit your photographs.

I also discovered today that you can download a Picnik "add-on" to Firefox which allows you to right click and send a screenshot to Picnik. This could be a really useful tool when creating "how-to" instructions. To download this "add-on" to any browser, go to the Help menu on the Picnik homepage. Then click on Tools and it will walk you through the process. I also subscribed to the Picnik blog in my RSS feed so I can keep up with new features. This can also be done through the Help menu and then the Blog link.

I created the picture in this post by uploading one of my photos to Picnik. I then added a shape and the text. I then saved it to my Flickr account and then posted it into my blog.

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