Monday, October 27, 2008

A Skeleton's Picnic!

On Sunday, Steve and I attended our first ever letterboxing event.

We woke up to slush falling from the sky and the whole day was very blustery. We arrived at Moir Park in Bloomington and were quickly greeted by "Two Free Timers" of Rochester. The event organizer, "The Red Cat" was also very welcoming. We got to stamp our logbook with the Skeleton's Picnic event stamp and also several other traveling event stamps. We then did some exchange stamping with the other letterboxers that came to the picnic. An exchange is when a letterboxer stamps his/her personal signature stamp into the logbook of another letterboxer and vise versa. We were really impressed by everyone's signature stamps! Some letterboxers carry "Personal Travelers". You can get these stamps by asking or answering a certain question, telling a joke or just about anything. We were able to collect several of these in our logbook as well. Then it was out to the park to collect letterboxes. It was fun to letterbox with other people and we were delighted to tag along with "Incredible Magpie", "MC Bear", "Lars", "ASL Girl" and "Found Unicorn". In our conversations with our new friends, I discovered that "Brandicat" also works in a library and is a 23 Things finisher! Also, "Lars" knows a couple of our friends from the Minnesota Mineral Club. Talk about a small world! Even though the weather was pretty miserable, we found 20 letterboxes! Moir Park is connected to Nine Mile Creek. This park is really pretty and the trail system is great. Thanks to "Incredible Magpie" we also found our first geocache!

All in all, we had a fantastic day and will definitely attend more of these events!

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The Red Cat said...

Glad you guys came down even though the weather was far from nice! It was a pleasure meeting you and I'm glad you guys had fun. Hope to see you at future gatherings!