Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting Ready for Our 1st Letterboxing Event

Steve and I are getting ready to attend our first ever letterboxing event. We just started letterboxing in August, so we are still "newbies" to this hobby. We are going to attend "A Skeleton's Picnic" tomorrow in Bloomington, Minnesota. There are 25 letterboxers registered for this event. We really aren't sure what to expect. Thankfully, Steve's knee seems to be a little better so he is able to walk a bit more. Hopefully we won't be finding letterboxes in the snow...which is in the forecast. Bummer! Anyway, most people who really enjoy letterboxing, carve their own signature stamps. Up to this point we have been using a store bought stamp. Today, Steve drew a design of a crystal cluster, which illustrates our other hobby, rockhounding. I scanned it and Picniked our trailname onto the image (SZSRocks is our trailname). After I sized the image and printed it out, we transferred the image onto Speedy-Carve (a pink, rubberish sheet made for carving your own stamps). Steve then carved the image and, tah-da, we have our own hand-carved letterboxing signature stamp! It will be fun to break our new stamp in tomorrow!

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