Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Google Adds Life Magazine's Photo Archives

I was reading, a Web 2.0 blog that I follow, and learned today that Google has added Life Magazine's photo archives to their image database. If you click on the Google "Image" search link, there is a special listing on the main Image search page announcing the Life archives. As you will see, you can search by decade, person, event, etc. I showed this to one of our English teacher's whose students do a project about the 1930's. She was excited to be able to share this with her students.

You can also search using the search terms "Source: Life". I found this cute Thanksgiving photo using the search: turkey source: Life

I don't think I have ever dressed this fancy to "eat" Thanksgiving dinner, let alone prepare it. I must say that perhaps dressing for the occasion would make stuffing the bird a bit more enjoyable!

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