Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Letterboxing and Geocaching Adventures

My friend Kathy noted that I hadn't updated my blog recently. This time of year is always busy with back-to-school and the holidays. I have been doing lots of things with family and friends. Thanksgiving weekend I spent in Des Moines, Iowa with family. I introduced all of them to letterboxing. This was the first letterbox we found near Des Moines at the Saylorville Lake and Dam.

It was really interesting to see the flood damage at this location. The roadway that you were directed to take in the original letterbox clue had been completely washed away. Luckily the clue had been revised since the Spring flooding.

This past weekend, Steve and I went to visit Signe and attended the Concordia Christmas Concert. It was awesome, as usual. On the way up to Fargo/Moorhead, we found a letterbox at a wayside rest stop off of Interstate 94. Before the concert on Saturday, we went geocaching in Moorhead and successfully found 1 of the 4 caches we searched for. We still are getting the hang of geocaching. Hopefully it will become easier the more we do it. The new GPS is fun to use!

On our way home on Sunday, the temperature was 5*F, it was snowing, windy and really, really cold. Oh, what to do on a miserable day??? You look for letterboxes! We successfully found 5 of the 7 we looked for on the way home. Quincy (our dog) even wore his jacket, much to Steve's embarrasement. We had to carry him at times because his feet were too cold.

We stopped at Loso's art sale in St. Joseph to do a little Christmas shopping before finally heading home.

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