Saturday, November 8, 2008


Steve and I worked outside all day today and it was really cold and snowy. Because of this, I wimped out and didn't go to the Minnesota Mineral Club meeting tonight, opting instead to stay home, keep warm and read my latest book, "The Genesis Code" by John Case. I went on-line to check e-mail, and got a little side-tracked after reading a blog I'm following in my RSS feed. It talked about Twitter and so, I decided to sign up. I e-mailed a couple of friends to join me. I guess I'm a little confused. I thought I was going to be able to search Twitter for people who have common interests and then follow their tweets. I have not figured out how to search for people via their interests. I'm not sure I have time to keep following everyone until I find someone who posts something that interests me. Does that make sense? If you have any pointers for me, please leave me a comment. Here's a link to my Twitter profile: SZSRocks Twitter Profile

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