Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blogger for Word - Thing 25

I was excited to try Blogger for Word, which allows you to type posts in Word and then publish to Blogger. I successfully downloaded and added the Blogger for Word toolbar to Word and typed a test post to publish to my blog. Unfortunately, when I went to publish it, it didn't work. I went to Blogger Help and discovered that Blogger for Word is no longer available or supported and they are not planning on bringing it back at this time. I left a comment in Thing 25 regarding this. Bummer!

Copied from Image:Monkey-typing.jpg on Wikipedia. The image description page states it is public domain.

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Scott said...

Ben wants to do rock collections for his arts and academic night. Tonight at dinner he asked me if he could get some help from you because the rocks you gave him got all mixed up. You are a rock star! I told him I would ask you. Have a great weekend!