Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome Back to the Things - Refresh Your Blog

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I have been periodically adding to my blog since I finished "23 Things on a Stick." I use my blog as a journal. I blog about family happenings and my hobbies. I also use my blog as a reminder. When I run across a new Web 2.0 app I like and think I might use again, I try out the app and then blog about it. I also use my blog as a "testing" ground to see how different applications work, how easily they embed, etc. I try to label my posts so that I can easily go back and find a post (Flickr, photography, image generator, presentations).

As for blog comments, I don't get many. Most people who read my blog (family and friends) are not registered with Google or Blogger and they are tentative to post anonymously. My blog counter as of today shows over 3,000 visits. In the blogosphere world, this isn't a huge number, but I am amazed that my blog gets any views at all! I comment on blogs, Flickr, etc. when I read or see something that interests me. I would like more feedback on my blog, but comments are not necessary for me to keep blogging. I really enjoy my blog and I like to share it with others.

I follow quite a few blogs via RSS feeds. I have had to weed out some at times when I get too many feeds to actually read. I usually scan the post titles and only read the blog updates if the title catches my attention. Most of the bloggers I follow post about Web 2.0 stuff, letterboxing, geocaching and recipes. I have my RSS feed reader set up on my iGoogle home page.

The SlideShare presentation "The 25 Basic Styles of Blogging...And When To Use Each One" was an interesting break-down of the different types of blogging.

P.S. I just discovered the Firefox Picnik add-on. You can take a screenshot with the Picnik add-on and send it directly to Picnik for editing. That's how I got the screen shot of my blog for this post. Very cool...and easy to use too!

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