Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To Do List - Thing 24

Blog Page Elements
1. Find a new look for your blog. This one deserves it's very own post. I will post about this one separately after this recap.

2. Take a look at Page Elements.
Since finishing "23 Things", I have continued to play around with new gadgets for my blog. Gadgets I have added include RSS subscribe buttons for my blog, delicious badge and bookmarks link, Twitter updates, Atlas Quest stats, Geocaching stats, Geocaching web ring, list of my favorite blogs, Rock Star badge from a blogger I follow, my Facebook badge, a Minnesota Mineral Club widget (I created) and a New Orleans badge (they used my Arnaud's photo!). I am very comfortable adding and deleting page elements. One gadget I would like to see from Blogger is a drop down menu of my post labels, similar to blog archives. This would help keep my blog in better proportion. Just wishin'!

3. Add some information to your profile. I had filled out my profile pretty completely when I set up my blog for "23 Things", including a profile picture. It is fun to click on the link of one of your interests and find other bloggers with the same interest...it really is a small world, isn't it! For Thing 24, I added my Flickr photos and other blog links to my profile.

4. Consider your display name. I changed my blog profile to my first name, but will continue to use SZSRocks as my blog title. I use SZSRocks as my identity for many different websites, so will not be abandoning it anytime soon.

5. Time to give that avatar a new look.
I hadn't touched my avatar since Thing 1 during "23 Things." I had, in fact, thought about deleting it from my blog. That being said, I forgot how fun it was to play around with avatars. I have now changed and added my new avatar to my blog. I used Yahoo avatars, like I did in Thing 1. She is in a winter setting. I lost track of time investigating all of the avatar options...it really is fun! It reminded me again of how easily it is to get distracted on the web.

6. Register your blog. The SurveyMonkey form was very easy to use. My blog shows up in the CMLE blog listing. Success!

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