Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Delicious - Thing 30

Berry Christmas!!
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I found this "delicious" photo on, which I discovered through Insuggest. Everystockphoto is a database of creative commons photographs. Take a look at it, there are many images to choose from. Insuggest was fun to look at too. The site recommends other bookmarks based on what you have already bookmarked. I discovered several new sites to add to my Delicious. It was also interesting to me to see a pattern of my interests.

As for Delicious, it is another of my favorite "things" from 23 Things. I use it everyday. I have added a Firefox add-on which adds Delicious buttons to my menu bar so I can quickly bookmark a site. I guess the feature of Delicious that I use most frequently is tagging. I love how I can easily organize my quickly growing list of bookmarks using tags.

I introduced my hubby, Steve, to Delicious and he loves it too.

I am interested in how others use Delicious. If you have any helpful hints, I'm all ears!

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