Tuesday, March 17, 2009

RSS Feeds - Thing 30

R letter S s31

Another of the "things" I learned about during "23 Things" that I use every day is RSS feeds. I subscribe to quite a few that range from Web 2.0 stuff, recipes and geocaching, to name a few. I have also deleted some that, after a while, I found not to be of interest to me. I quickly got over the guilt of deleting unread RSS feeds. If I don't check my RSS for a couple of days, hundreds of feeds await my attention. Although I might miss some valuable information, I freely "mark all as read", if time does not permit perusing all of them.

In doing this "thing," I added a local weather feed via rssWeather and a favorite Craigslist search for currently listed Lake Superior agates via Feed My Search. FYI: My search term for the Craigslist search I cannot reveal due to the fact that I am sworn to secrecy by my husband!

I really like the Feed My Search app. I will probably add more favorite searches to my RSS feed reader using this tool.

P.S. Do you remember the Flickr mashups from 23 Things? I used the Spell with Flickr mashup for the image in this post.

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