Sunday, January 16, 2011


Week of January 10-16, 2011  Theme:  Breakfast

"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." ~Lewis Carroll

Breakfast is my favorite meal; at any time of the day.  It was fun to think of creative ways to photograph some of my favorite breakfast foods.  Steve and I spent hours in the kitchen experimenting with different foods and camera settings and equipment.  I learned a little more about depth of field.  Me: "I want the coffee cup clear and the background fuzzy."  Steve:  "A good way to remember the aperature setting is, the more of the photo you want in focus, set to a higher number; the less in focus set to a lower number."

Although the hot cocoa photograph above was my submission for this week, I had a hard time picking just one.  I used Steve's white and black backdrops for a couple of my photos.  It was a little tricky to get the lighting right...too much shadow, too much glare, should I use the flash or turn it off.  For me, this photo was a close second.

I like the contrast of the orange on the black backdrop and I like the composition of the photo.

When I first started to think about this week's theme, this is the photograph that I imagined.  Every morning, I enjoy my caffeine fix.  My intent was to give the observer the feel of enjoying the first sip of the day.  I still like the idea of this photo, but I would like it better if the background wasn't so blurry.  Let me try get this right...I needed to have a higher aperature setting.

I like the colorful surprise in these photos.

 I like the viewpoint of this shot.  Manicure is needed.

 I wish the spoon bowl would look shinier with less milk scum.

More coffee shots:

  I like the diagonal through the photo, but it is a little too dark.

Signe bought me this mug in Florence, Italy.  I love the pattern, and feel a little European whenever I use it.  This picture is okay, but the candleholder in the background is a little confusing.

Speaking of mugs, whenever we travel, I buy a mug for a souvenir.  When I use a mug, it brings back vacation memories.  Coffee is definitely a breakfast staple for me!

For this photo, I opened my cupboard and snapped the shot.  I didn't like the glare on some of the mugs.  (Top, L-R) Jim Loso original, Colorado, Austria, Concordia-Moorhead (Signe's college), Glacier National Park.  (Bottom, L-R) Harry Potter; Longaberger Village in Dredsen, Ohio; Florence, Italy, Rowe Sanctuary near Kearney, Nebraska; and Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, Louisiana).  Fun times!

Using hearts was a way I could express my love of breakfast.  Did you notice the tiny pink heart marshmallows on my hot cocoa picture?  Here are some more hearts:

By the time I finally got the lighting, settings and angle right, the apple had started to brown.  This was taken on Steve's white backdrop.  I took about twenty pictures of this apple in various settings.

On my first try, there was too much egg white and it spread out over the toast.  Next, the egg white kind of boiled over the yolk.  For this attempt, we fried the egg in the cookie cutter and fit the toast over the cooked egg.  This was the best heart shape of the three attempts.  I wish the egg yolk would have been more prominent.

Have you ever tried getting Cheerios into formation?  It's a lot like trying to herd cats.

The only thing I don't like about this photo are the shadows.  Steve and I will have to keep trying to perfect this shot.  I want to hang it up in my kitchen!

My sister, Lola, and I spent the day together on Saturday.  Before heading into the Cities, I steeped some tea in my new tea mug.  Signe gave me this mug for Christmas.  It's from Teavana and I love it.  This is how Minnesotans make "iced" tea!  (set on top of my car)

More breakfast pics:

Peanut's what's for breakfast, and lunch, and least that's what Quincy would like!

After peanut butter, it's nap time.  Don't you just want to tickle those toes!

Tommy thinks milk is lip smackin' good! (Signe's photo)

We've had up to 20 deer in our yard this Winter.  They prefer corn for breakfast. (Steve's photo)

This is Matisse.  He is ALWAYS ready for food.  (Steve's photo)

A pair of owls live in our neighborhood.  I think this one was scoping out his breakfast possibilities.  Quincy and Tommy were safely inside.  (Signe's photo)

Next theme:  Macro

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irishk said...

Zoma this is so cool! It's a bit voyeuristic being so intimately involved in your breakfast life :-) Really neat shots. I am not a photographer at all, but I could totally 'get' what you were talking about in each photo. It will be such fun to 'watch' as you progress. Love the Quincy shot and herding cats comment! Kathleen

Maery Rose said...

I have found food shots to be tricky, probably most of all because I take them in the kitchen where lighting is not good and I seem to either get shadows or glare or both. I like the pouring chocolate into the cup.

irishk said...

Great post Zoma! I posted a comment right away, but it never showed up so I will try again:-) It wasn't anything perverted, so I don't know why it would have been 'banned' :-( You have a nice combination of whimsy with detail. I actually learned a little bit about photography. Quincy's paws are indeed adorable and I loved your comment about herding cats:-) Thanks for sharing. Kathleen

Zoma said...

Kathleen, it was "my bad" about your first comment. I forgot I had enabled "comment moderation" and so I needed to "ok" your comment in order for it to show up. You are so sweet to comment on my post. I was really tired when I wrote the blog post, so I didn't really feel like I was "at my best."

Zoma said...

Maery, our photo club is going on a field trip this Saturday to the James J. Hill house in St. Paul. We are having a private tour which will allow for more time to take photos. There is no flash allowed, so it will be a way to practice "natural" lighting situations. Would you be interested in joining us?