Wednesday, March 5, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing 13 - Presentations

For Thing 13 of 23 Mobile Things, several presentation apps were highlighted.  Students at Elk River High School use several sites to create presentations: PowerPoint, Google Docs and Prezi.  It is nice to have several more options to choose from.

Deck Slideshow
The Deck Slideshow app was easy to use.  After you enter in your slide text, there is a fun assortment of themes to choose from.  I decided to create a Deck Slideshow for the 2014 Minnesota Mineral Club Field Trips.  After adding the text for each field trip, I attempted to add a photo.  The photos from my iPhone were too large and I didn't want to take the time to resize them, so I left the pictures out.  Then, my iPhone completely locked up when I tried to save my newly created Deck.  This could be due to our school's filtering software, but I am not sure.  After several tries, I was able to email the Deck to myself.  For the email, I chose the Deck format because I wanted to retain the flow of the Deck presentation.  When I tried to open the Deck in my email, it would not open, since Deck Slideshow is not on my computer.  I could have chosen to email the Deck in a PDF or PowerPoint format, but that doesn't make sense to me since the neat feature of the Deck is a flowing, non-slide-like, presentation.  And, after some research, it does not appear that Deck Slideshows can be embedded into blogs or websites, so I will just post some screenshots.  It also appears that you cannot link to a Deck Slideshow.  That is a bummer.  I think the sharing capability of Deck Slideshow is a little too limited.  Also, it would be hard to recommend this app to teachers, since frequently the students are asked to print their presentations.  I doubt this would be possible with Deck Slideshow.

Haiku Deck
Since creating slideshows on iPhone's is not currently available for Haiku Deck (it is coming), I created another 2014 Minnesota Mineral Club Field Trip slideshow using the Haiku Deck website on my computer.  I like that you can sync Haiku Deck with your computer and devices.  This capability is an definite advantage over Deck Slideshow. Creating a Haiku Deck is easy.  Another nice feature of Haiku Deck is the Creative Commons library of photographs you can use.  You can also upload your own images.  And, after syncing your iPhone and iPad, it is completely awesome that you can use your iPhone to control your iPad.  I can see teacher's using this with their iPads and whiteboards.  Very cool!  Another can embed Haiku Decks into blogs and websites!  Here is my Haiku Deck.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

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