Thursday, March 6, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing 14 - Videos

Oh, my goodness! I did not expect to like Thing 14 about videos as much as I do! 23 Mobile Things has opened my eyes to so many fun apps!  Lights, camera, ACTION!

The Vine app allows you to create very short (6 seconds) video clips.  After downloading the app, I found a couple of friends, who are using Vine, to follow.  I also linked my new Vine account with Facebook and Twitter.  Creating the video was easy and fun.  I like that you just tap the screen to start and stop recording.  The only drawback that I see is that you cannot add music to your video clip unless it is picked up by your device's microphone.  I tried to play music from my phone in the background, but the music shuts off when you open the app.  Thus, I got a lot of background noise on my Vine videos.

Our favorite vocal band, Six Appeal, has a presence on Vine.  Here is one of their sound checks posted by Trey.  He does a much better Vine than me.  Enjoy!

I LOVE this app!  Viddy allows you to create 30 second videos and the app has several neat filters to choose from.  You can also add music.  The ability to add hashtags is nice.  I used the #23ThingsMN hashtag on my Viddy, thinking that the hashtag would work when I shared my video to Twitter, but it did not.  I guess the hashtags are only for Viddy searching.  To create my first Viddy, I decided to use an idea I found on Pinterest...Divergent Faction Reading Lists.  I used this idea for my Vine videos, too, but with only 6 seconds, each Faction had to be its own Vine.  With Viddy, I created one video that includes all of the factions.  After searching our library collection and coming up with books for each reading list, I chose the Dewey filter (for obvious reasons...I work in a library) to create my Viddy.  I did run into a problem adding music.  I did not have a Music option on my iPhone when creating a new video.  As a result, I created a video that had lots of background noise and saved it.  Then, I created a new Viddy and selected my previously saved video (the original one).  This allowed me to have the option to select music for my video.  I chose the Teen Fantasy track. I then saved this second video and deleted the first one.  To embed the Viddy into my blog, I used the website to get the html code.

Divergent Faction Reading Lists #ERHS #23ThingsMN @mnmultitypes

The Socialcam app does not have a time limit for the videos you create and there are filters and music that you can choose to enhance your video.  For my Socialcam video, I selected the 1970's filter (I like the static marks), a Classic title and the Cinematic music track and videotaped a display of famous authors.  Again, I used the website to get the html code to embed the Socialcam video into my blog.

Famous Authors #ERHS #23ThingsMN @mnmultitypes

Magistro is a little different from Vine, Viddy and Socialcam.  It is more of a video-mashup generator and is very similar to Animoto, which I learned about in 23 Things on a Stick.  You can create new content for your Magistro video or use photos and videos from your library.  For my Magistro video, I selected photos from my library to create a 2014 Minnesota Mineral Club Field Trips video.  With the free version of the app, you can use up to 10 photos.  I chose to use the Traveler theme and uploaded by own music, "Mud on the Tires" by Brad Paisley.

Here is an Animoto video I created using the same photos that are in the Magistro video.  As you can see, they are very similar.

2014 MMC Field Trips

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