Tuesday, March 18, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing 18 - Education

For Thing 18, several mobile apps that could be used in education, were highlighted.  The list of apps to explore covered a nice variety of topics.  I chose to try out six of the apps.

colAR Mix
Wow, wow, wow!  I know I am easily impressed, but WOW!  The colAR Mix app is fun, fun, fun!  Basically, this app turns a coloring page into 3D!  First you need to go to the website (http://colarapp.com) and print one of their coloring pages.  Then, using any coloring device (crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint), you color the page.  I used colored pencils because I had them available.

I printed out this coloring page.

I'm ready to color!

My finished artwork!
Next, you download the colAR Mix app onto your mobile device (phone or tablet).  I used my iPhone.

Now, the fun begins!  When you open the app, you highlight your colored image.  When the image overlay turns blue, the app has captured your image and turns it into a 3D movable image.  The background changes on a rotating basis.  Although the app is pretty basic, it is completely amazing that you can do this on your mobile device!

When the pink shaded area turns blue, your image will turn into 3D!

Landscape Changed to Desert

Now my balloon is over the ocean!

My balloon is flying over a city!

Notice my desk in the background.  The 3D effect is awesome!
I have showed the colAR app to several people and the consensus is that this will be a fun Easter activity for kids.  You need to try this app.  It is fun!

Eat This Not That
This game asks you to pick which food item of two that would be a healthier choice.  It is a rapid fire game and moves very quickly.  I was surprised at how many choices I got WRONG!

I have been a Weight Watchers member in the past and paid for their online resources and app.  I now use the free app, Lose It.  Fooducate is very similar to these apps.  When I was trying out Fooducate, I scanned an item that was not in their database and followed the steps for submission to the site.  I then got an email thanking me for the submission.  Although I probably will not continue to use this app, since I currently use Lose It, it is good to know it is available.

I scanned my Diet Coke can

I tried to scan a WholeMe WakeMe Bar

Success in adding this snack

Email I received as a result of submitting the WakeMe Bar

Since my husband and I like to travel, this app may be useful.  It was easy to use and there were lots of languages to choose from.  I chose to try "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" and translate it into Irish.

Khan Academy
The Khan Academy app has interesting information.  I did an Art History search for Da Vinci and then decided to learn more about his "Virgin of the Rocks" painting.  I discovered an interesting story about why there are two of these paintings.  You will have to check out the app to get the story for yourself!

Khan Academy Search Results

Today's Document
We have a white board at the entrance to the ERHS Media Center and we try to change the greeting every day.  The Today's Document app may be a good source for daily reading prompts to put on the board.

Document for March 16, 2014

Zoomed in for close up of George Washington's handwriting

Document for March 19

Searched for My Birth Date

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