Thursday, February 26, 2009

Playing Around with New Flip Video Cam

It snowed today and we got to leave school a little early. This gave me a chance to try out the Flip USB Video Cam I bought at Christmas. I made this video with music using my Flip Video. Then I uploaded it to YouTube to get the embed code for this blog post. Let me know what you think!

You can also take a snapshot with the Flip Video:

So far, it's really easy to use. It will do an hour of video and plugs into your computer (either Mac or PC) with a built in USB port for incredibly easy and quick downloads. It is really small and easily fits into a purse or pocket. The Flip Video cameras come in a bunch of colors. Mine is hot pink and my daughter's is orange. I purchased our Flip Video cameras through for $120, which includes a matching nylon case. We have purchased one for school already, and plan on ordering several more for student check-out before the end of the year. I think this will be fun to use both at home and at school!


1SG said...

Fun shots.

Our "Quinn" is more like your cat than she is like Quincy.

Quinn can't stand getting her behind in the snow making it a real challenge to getting her to take care of business. Also although she likes to fetch she wants to play keep away. I am the only one she will drop her prize for.

I will have to learn more about this camera

Zoma said...

Thanks for the comment! The Flip camera is very easy and fun to use so far, and as you can see by the video, my dog is a willing movie star!

Rogers High School said...

What a cute pup!!

Did you try the camera on the older eMacs? Sometimes ours in the RHS Media Center have problems recognizing certain USB devices. I've been reluctant to purchase a flip camera because of this.

Let me know!

PatriciaP said...

Great job on your first production!Isn't it funny how worked up Quincy gets when concerned about losing the ball? LOL.Thanks for sharing....I've been thinking about the flip camera for catching cute stuff of my four little grandkids...