Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Embed Music - Try #3

There were students in the computer lab today working on iMovie projects. I was trying to help them find music that they could legally download for free. As I was searching for music sites, I wanted to try to embed music into a blog post. This is not as easy as you might think. After several failed attempts, I think this will work (hopefully). I actually created a movie with Windows Movie Maker using a still digital photography and an MP3 version of the song. I then created the movie and saved it in Windows movie format. I'm now going to try to embed this into my blog.

"Do You Know?" (the ping pong song) by Enrique Englasias is my all-time favorite song to do abdominal workouts to (i.e.: crunches, sit-ups, etc.). It has a great beat to follow. The picture is a collage of photos I took at a Jazzercise convention in New Orleans in July of 2008. I hope you enjoy, even if you are doing crunches!

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